Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Just sell it as it is....

How to maximise the re-sale value of your car.

You need to sell your car, there's nothing wrong with it you just fancy a change.
It's been serviced regularly, it's all taxed and the MOT is valid. Ok so there's a few scrapes on the bumper, the paint on the wheel on the wheel arch is scratched and the alloys have some kerbing damage......but hey what car doesn't ?

Before you forge ahead and decide it's not worth bothering with the expense of getting these little scrapes and dings sorted take a visit to any local reputable car dealer and have a walk round the vehicles. Count how many have damaged alloys or paint scratches. You will not find many or in most cases none at all. The cars will all have been fully valeted and look in a clean and presentable condition.  Why is this?...the simple fact is they know that to get the maximum value and to sell the car quickly they need to present the vehicles to near as pristine condition as possible. It gives prospective buyers the impression that the vehicle has been well looked after.... it's first impressions that count.

All this might be sounding very expensive, it doesn't have to be, you can clean the car yourself or get a professional valet completed. After this it's time to be honest and have a good look around the vehicle, the trick is to look for the defects that stand out the most and detract from the overall appearance. You have to be objective, balance the costs of the required repairs against the value of the vehicle taking into account the age and specifications. Prioritise the repairs that will maximise the value of the vehicle, can you imagine a  sports car with chipped door edges, all the wheels kerbed or a scrape on the bumper!!!

If all this sounds a bit daunting you can always contact me , I can give my honest opinion and provide a no obligation quote for the work required to bring the car up to a satisfactory condition. Remember you will not be able to do every little scratch or defect on the vehicle, in most cases it will not be cost effective to do so. However as I can keep the repaired areas to a minimum it will keep the costs down. It will also be convenient as I operate on a mobile basis. 

Following these few simple steps just might help sell your car quicker and for the maximum value.

Contact me at paul@scratchnscuffsaway.co.uk or at www.scratchnscuffsaway.co.uk

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Car bodywork repairs are expensive

Car bodywork repairs are expensive...

It's true that if your vehicle is involved in a major collision the costs to repair can be quite expensive, often running into hundreds if not thousands of pounds, as I found out this year when a customer accidently reversed into my van by losing control of his vehicle.... that I had gone to repair!!

This can also be true if your car suffers a minor shunt or someone clips your vehicle whilst parking,  I often hear from my customers that they have come back to their vehicle to find a bumper scrape or paint scratch on their vehicle. They have got a quote from a local bodyshop and have been quite shocked at how much even a small scrape can cost and it can be even more if a main dealer is involved. 

This is where a SMART technician can help, with relatively low overheads small damage repair costs can be kept to a minimum, I can mix up very small quantities of paint and other consumables which can be expensive especially if you have a pearl or metallic effect paint on your vehicle. Coupled with the fact that most repairs can be completed in around 2-3hrs it means that you don't need to lose your car for days and I often complete repairs at business premises whilst the employee continues about their normal work duties. The paint and other consumables are the same as used in the bodyshop so I'm able to offer the same guarantees as any bodyshop would for this type of repair.
You will have no doubt noticed that all the above assumes that you have no one to hold accountable for the damage caused to your vehicle, I would say that around 90% of my customers have either done the damage themselves or have been the victim of the "scuff and scarper brigade", the ones that clip your vehicle then merrily drive on their way leaving you to foot the bill.

Using a SMART repair technician means that not all bodywork repairs have to expensive and with a lot of damage being fairly minor we always try to help if we can.

If anyone you know would like advice or a free no-obligation quote I can be contacted via e-mail at paul@scratchnscuffsaway.co.uk or www.scratchnscuffsaway.co.uk

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Friday, 2 November 2012

It's only a little scratch !!

It won't matter it's only a little scrape.

With the onset of the more severe weather that's normally associated with the this time of year it makes sense to address any minor car bodywork damage however insignificant it may seem. Very often we can overlook these small defects until one day you notice that that little chip or scratch is showing signs of corrosion. If left it can be very difficult to get rid of as even if a repair is completed at a later date there can be no guarantee that it will not return. Salt and road traffic film can ingrain themselves and can be the start of a re-occuring problem !!

The simple message is doing nothing is not an option. As a minimum you can "touch in" any chips or deep scratches with a paint kit widely available from various outlets. Even if the results are far from perfect it will seal the area against the elements and more importantly seal the metal work, thereby halting the onset of any corrosion issues. Because it is very difficult to get a perfect result by just "touching in" the chips I tend to do these free of charge if I'm completing other more significant damage such as a large paint scratch or bumper repair. There is always some excess paint left over so it makes sense to complete this simple repair at the same time.

For more advice or guidance or if you have suffered more significant damage to your vehicle visit www.scratchnscuffsaway.co.uk or check out my Facebook page where advice of minor paintwork repairs or alloy wheel repairs can be found.

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