Thursday, 8 November 2012

Car bodywork repairs are expensive

Car bodywork repairs are expensive...

It's true that if your vehicle is involved in a major collision the costs to repair can be quite expensive, often running into hundreds if not thousands of pounds, as I found out this year when a customer accidently reversed into my van by losing control of his vehicle.... that I had gone to repair!!

This can also be true if your car suffers a minor shunt or someone clips your vehicle whilst parking,  I often hear from my customers that they have come back to their vehicle to find a bumper scrape or paint scratch on their vehicle. They have got a quote from a local bodyshop and have been quite shocked at how much even a small scrape can cost and it can be even more if a main dealer is involved. 

This is where a SMART technician can help, with relatively low overheads small damage repair costs can be kept to a minimum, I can mix up very small quantities of paint and other consumables which can be expensive especially if you have a pearl or metallic effect paint on your vehicle. Coupled with the fact that most repairs can be completed in around 2-3hrs it means that you don't need to lose your car for days and I often complete repairs at business premises whilst the employee continues about their normal work duties. The paint and other consumables are the same as used in the bodyshop so I'm able to offer the same guarantees as any bodyshop would for this type of repair.
You will have no doubt noticed that all the above assumes that you have no one to hold accountable for the damage caused to your vehicle, I would say that around 90% of my customers have either done the damage themselves or have been the victim of the "scuff and scarper brigade", the ones that clip your vehicle then merrily drive on their way leaving you to foot the bill.

Using a SMART repair technician means that not all bodywork repairs have to expensive and with a lot of damage being fairly minor we always try to help if we can.

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